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Kingston Point Rail Trail

“There was no possibility of taking a walk that day.”

So Jane Eyre begins, and what a dreadful prospect.

I thought it might be helpful/hopeful for those of you who still can’t get out (or are just desperate for a change of scenery!) if I shared some of the things I’ve seen on our mini adventures in the valley. I’ll begin with the rather chilly jaunt we took on Saturday along the Kingston Point Rail Trail.

Freezing temps dissuading us from embarking on a lengthier hike, J suggested we check out this short little loop along the water instead.

At the water’s edge, we discovered the most incredible ice covering rocks and branches in cloaks of glass.

And the walk provided us with stunning views of the Rondout Lighthouse.

Although the air was rather bracing, I’m so glad we got out and about. There are small wonders to be enjoyed everywhere, and my soul felt lighter for having discovered some glittering fairy glass in the darkest winter.

Wishing you all peace, love, and beauty.


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    • Loved seeing your Christmas mini escape pics – beautiful! (For some reason WordPress has a little fit when I try to like and comment the past few months!)


      • Ah no, you too?! 😫 WordPress seems to be randomly picking a victim-of-the-month from among my followers… Sounds like you’ve won a few months in a row, but thank you for keeping on trying! I’ll look into what they said last time this happened to someone and let you know if there’s an easy fix.


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