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Art Omi, Oh My!

One of my favourite walking adventures took place on a beautiful day in late summer… and the dead of winter seems like a good time to revisit some of that sunshine!

We took a day trip to the sculpture park at Art Omi in Ghent, NY. I don’t know about you, but 2020 had me starved to see some art in the flesh. This was a perfect opportunity to get to interact with art in the glorious outdoors with effortless social distancing.

Sarah Braman, Day Trip
Sarah Braman, Day Trip
Brian Tolle, Eureka

These next two were my favourite structures: Evitim and Primitive Hut, both by Caroline O’Donnell + Martin Miller. Their placard describes them thusly: “Evitim is a 24’ tower in the Architecture Fields […] that recycles the waste from the adjacent pavilion, Primitive Hut. While Primitive Hut was a decomposing pavilion made of hemp, sawdust, bio resin and manure, 64 sheets of plywood were used to produce the non-decomposable structural components. The leftovers from these CNC cut files were 8’ x 4’ plywood sheets in which the act of removing the components transformed the sheet into a pliable material. Using the leftover sheets’ newfound flexibility, the tower’s skin peels outward from top to bottom, creating four openings that mirror to Primitive Hut’s doors.”

Caroline O’Donnell + Martin Miller, Evitim
Caroline O’Donnell + Martin Miller, Primitive Hut

Unfortunately, I am unable to find a credit for the piece featured in the next two photos–which is a shame because I was quite taken with it.

Aleksandr Mergold, Oculi
Yolande Daniels, Tea Cozy 2
Steven Holl, Obolin
Steven Holl, Obolin

How fantastically cool are these installations?! We are hoping to go back when upstate gets another snowfall. For more information, you can visit the Art Omi website here.

We ended a perfect day by watching the sunset at the docks in nearby Hudson.

Here’s to more art, sunsets, and beauty for all of us in the future.

Love and Peace,


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  1. Oh, it’s so refreshing to see sunshine and art this morning! It made me realise that I haven’t been in a gallery in almost a year 😳 I love your pictures of the piece “Obolin” and the mysterious nameless octopus tangle!


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