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A Defence of Artists

Hi, my name is Ali and I’m a Hudson Valley dweller contributing words, art, music, and theatre to this thing we call life.

As an embroidery artist, I focus on wearable miniatures with detailed designs. I am inspired by nature and the bounty of the Hudson Valley. Hand-stitching vegetables, insects, and mushrooms into jewelry, I strive to give people the opportunity to wear ephemeral nature. My pieces (hopefully) serve as reminders of the small gifts we all should cherish from the earth.

I am also an actor, always, at heart. I have received professional training in London, New York, Boston, and Athens, and I am a proud member of Actors’ Equity. I am also passionate about both creating and consuming music. I have a MA degree in [the lucrative and useful field of] Victorian Studies and live for all things 19th century. That said, Shakespeare is probably more accurately my best subject on University Challenge.

My embroidery art and jewelry can be viewed and purchased via Winter-Maker Designs online shop.

Photography Credits:

Jeff Mertz

Chris Mann

Christina Russo

Paul Rivera

John Mannell

Laima Arlauskaite

Liz Isles

Alan Bostock

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