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Special Scything Announcement

Despite condemnation by local professional scythers on Aidan Turner’s technique (jealous), the Poldark scything scene was recently voted 2015 Best TV Moment of the Year by RadioTimes.

In honour of the return of Poldark to BBC One this Sunday, my husband decided to reenact the scything scene for me in our back garden.


Okay, that’s a big lie–the garden was scythed out of necessity (LOOK at the height of that ‘grass’) and B claims to haaaaaaate watching Poldark (he secretly clearly loves it) and will be super annoyed that I took a picture and posted it (tacitrun Poldark-esque sulk). But, ah, B scything like a boss with yellow Marigold gloves and a strimmer! If I just squint my eyes a liiiiiittle bit and….


There it is.

If you haven’t watched the Series 2 trailer yet, you can check it out below. Although producers have confirmed that there will be no scything this season (rude), it looks like there is going to be a pivotal scene involving Poldark shirtless and covered in dirt in a mine shaft so…

I had never heard this Weekes Word until a read it in Two on a Tower (Thomas Hardy, 1882) recently, but I’d guess it would make for a good crossword clue.

Eft: derived from Old English efeta, the word is a synonym for newt. Ex: Cutting down efts, snakes, and birds alike, with rippling muscles Ross Poldark squashed every living creature that crossed the path of his mighty scythe.

xWG // #dazeandweekes

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