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Stuff Your Kind Regards in a Sack

(A very brief PSA from one who is patient, tolerant, and not easily annoyed by all other humans, obviously.)

Happy Friday!

How do I feel about ‘kind regards’ as an email signature, you ask?

(Okay, no one asked but I’m going to tell you how I feel anyway.)

The. Worst. I think it’s the worst!


Firstly, it’s pretty much always preceded by some dickish, poorly spelled, and not at all ‘kind’ demand–invariably addressed to ‘Alice’ even though I’ve signed the 80 prior emails ‘Ali’.



Scan these document’s


Secondly, it seems to often be built into the sender’s email signature and displayed in some grotesque large font that is supposed to look like handwriting…I guess?–so you might get the same offensive large pink insincere not even bothered to be retyped KIND REGARDS over and over again from the same person in a single day.


Still, I guess it’s not quite as gruesome and repulsive as…. WARM REGARDS. (*shivers*)

You've Got Mail Gif.gif


Shortly after adding this Weekes Word to my list, I heard it on (a rerun episode of) University Challenge! So that’s confirmation that it’s a super cool word.

Peculate: from the Latin perculat (embezzled) and coming to English use in the mid 18th century meaning to steal or embezzle money, especially public funds. Ex: Although Amalia Annoyington was a peculator and a fraud, all her transgressions were instantly forgiven and forgotten when she sent her kind regards to the judge and jury.

 Warmest regards and cuddly snuggles,

xWG // #dazeandweekes

7 thoughts on “Stuff Your Kind Regards in a Sack Leave a comment

  1. Respected Ma’am,*

    I believe that anyone who signs a birthday card with ‘Kind regards’ ought to be shot or, better still, burned at the stake.

    Your most humble and obedient servant,

    * as my Indian students sometimes call me.

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