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Florence in Photos

First off I’d like to say that I wish I could offer you a cogent, meaningful post that attempts to make sense of what is going on in the world right now. Unfortunately, I can’t make sense of it. I am at a loss. And in addition to these great big problems and horrible attacks, working day-to-day in social services is really ugly. I feel like all I can do right now is continue to try fill the spaces around me and the people I touch with laughter, beauty, music, information and contemplation. This is the best I can offer you.

So today, let’s look at some pretty pictures!!!

As always, I am all over the place with projects and only JUST finished editing my photos from our trip to Florence nearly a year ago (whoops!). Since I already regaled you with tales of poor B’s food poisoning and how everyone hated us there, I thought it only right that I now honour (in uncustomary semi-seriousness) the beautiful landscape of Italy through a bit o’ photography.

So we went the Airbnb route and stayed in this awesome flat in a suuuuuuuuuper old building right on the little Piazza Santo Spirito. Our nice host, Leonardo, left us a bottle of delicious red wine that I promptly downed with a 5€ pizza upon arrival.

We loved the location and all the handy restaurants and cafes nearby (but I’ve already covered the food so I’ll move on!).

We did a lot of walking and encountered a fair few animals along the way. I obviously freaked out about the cat in the Boboli Gardens for an inappropriate amount of time.

What other kinds of creatures did we find? Hmmmm well, I photo-crashed a couple of weddings!

That second bride and groom are, of course, in front of the Duomo–which is not hideous. In fact, it’s really really good looking and no photos did it justice.

Ummmm and then we hit up Santa Croce, which was also NOT UGLY.

Of course, the river and the Ponte Vecchio were also lookers and deserved a few shots….

What else did we get up to? Obviously, being me and B, we enjoyed a lot of wonderful art at the Uffizi…

….and at the Pitti Palace….

… and in the Boboli Gardens….

… and on the street!!!

We even made a few friends (frienemies) along the way.

And lastly, we climbed for a not-too-shabby view from the top…

Phewwwwwww. Somehow, I managed to take even more photos than the ones featured here, but I think you’ve had quite enough for one day. I’m not sure whether I’ll see you next week as we are off to Lisbon (where I’m sure I will once again get trigger happy with the camera). In the meantime, I hope we can all keep trying to find beauty amidst the ugliness.

xWG // @dazeandweekes // @weekes

16 thoughts on “Florence in Photos Leave a comment

  1. Lovely photos…Thanks for trying brighten the mood. Crazy times, crazy people. At least there is beauty, like that of Florence, to give the world something to smile about.

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  2. Oh, and I really liked the “friends” section. The female cyclist looks like she is really taken with y’all. Seriously, loved the contrast of Ben and the faceless red riding hood mannequin! Fun times!

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  3. It’s been a pretty hideous week, hasn’t it? But Florence is very beautiful, and apparently just FULL of kitties to befriend, so that goes some way towards balancing things back out. I also cracked up reading your posts from last year… Your introduction to the charming citizens of Firenze is hilarious!
    Hope you enjoy your upcoming holi-daze (see what I there?) and that the people are friendlier this time around!

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  4. I thought I was the only one who was addicted to taking pictures of random cats I meet on vacation. The one I saw at the Boboli Gardens last year was orange and very friendly. Maybe he should give your Boboli cat some tips on being a good host. We stayed near the Santo Spirito area too. Unfortunately, we were right on the main drag that leads from the heart of Florence, across one of the Arno bridges, to the Porta Romana. So basically, 24 hours a day of Vespas buzzing and cars honking at the Vespas. Sleep? Ha! Guess that’s why the apartment included espresso.

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      • Hey, at least you had a modicum of peace until 6am. Seriously, our encounter with the noise gods was so bad we left Florence a day early. I was experiencing so much lack of sleep that I swear I started hallucinating!

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      • Jet lag and an upstairs neighbor who thought 2am was the perfect time to invite half of Florence over for parties. I was fearing for my sanity by the time we hightailed it to the peace of Orvieto.

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      • No, I’ve never done AirB&B. This was VRBO/HomeAway. I usually assume comments about noise/lack of AC/small shower stall are from whiny Americans, but in this case I should have taken heed! I also managed to get food poisoning the first time we went to Italy…seriously, I think that country hates me.


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