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I Did Some Stuff, I Swear

Dear Reader,

I apologise for my silence. I spent last week buried under a couple of cats and a mound of tissues, good for nothing but watching Louis Theroux documentaries and wallowing. My resistance to flu-like colds has appeared to be particularly low this year, perhaps due to a lack of motivation to feel well enough to perform the daily tasks I find so abhorrent.

Dreamy Theroux

In my invalid state, I remained uninspired to write you a good post, even after watching this motivation clip several times:

Elle Woods usually does the trick for me, but this time no dice.

Now it’s Monday and, miraculously, my nasal passages managed to open back up on the bus into work this morning, taking in the familiar scents of eye-stinging BO, cigarette smoke, and chicken wings.


Yes, it’s Monday, and I have forced myself to turn over another new leaf–a leaf that weighed roughly the same as a cement block–but I have turned it over, dammit! This shell of a human with two thumbs is back in business, baby. Almost.


And rather than wait for my full spirit to return to my body enabling me to write a post worthy of my gentle readers, I’ve decided to provide you with a substandard post just highlighting some of the important things that have gone down since I saw you last.

Hair Washing

I have managed to wash my hair several times in the past week, despite our horrendous ongoing shower situation. It turns out that the shower functions next to normal during the daytime when ol’ Lead Foot Waterworks upstairs isn’t running his washing machine or flushing his toilet 85 times in a row as he is apt to do in the evenings.


M&S Inaugural Visit

Staying home from work allowed to me visit the Marks & Spencer GRAND OPENING in our neighbourhood last Wednesday. I can only hope that the hundreds of families trolling the aisles for dealz will eventually make their way back to Tesco.

‘Is this beef on SAAAAAAAAALE?!’

Stranger Things 2 Champion

B and I managed to stay up til 4am on Saturday, smashing out the entire second series of Stranger Things. I know, we’re awesome. While nothing could live up to the glory of Season 1, I thought Season 2 was excellently enjoyable. And I just love Winona Ryder so much…so much. So very very much. And I love Eleven. And all of them. And the 80s. And…I better shut up before I unleash any spoilers… Here’s a gallery of adorableness and love:

New Single

I released another new single. The album is a little over a month away. Here is the single:


Washing of the Cat Bowls

I HATE washing out all the cat bowls. I find it even more unpleasant than changing the litter. But I did it last week. I did it.

‘Don’t worry, Jane, I saw the slave crying and scrubbing our bowls, we shall have clean bowls, we shall have clean bowls.’

Also Champion of Pizza

On Friday night, I ate a pizza. Post-consumption, I fell asleep. I awoke on Saturday and, almost immediately after regaining consciousness, accepted B’s proposal to eat a follow-up pizza for lunch.

FullSizeRender (2)
Young Hero

Song Writing

Prior to eating a pizza on Friday, I somehow managed to sit back down at the keyboard and write a new song. I feel pretty good about it. I flushed out the instrumentals on Saturday and Sunday, but was unable to record any vocals as I currently sound like a frog/Bob Dylan at best. I guess I will be releasing new material after the massive excitement and hysteria from the album release has died down in January (LOLzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz).

I’m gonna be a star!

Kept It Together

Last Monday at 8pm, horribly, University Challenge was replaced on BBC2 with Autumnwatch. Fucking Autumnwatch. But I didn’t flip out. I took this travesty in stride. I don’t remember what we watched instead–I was dead inside–but I kept it together for the sake of B, who I knew was also suffering from this devastating broadcasting blow.


Going back over this (non-comprehensive) list, I actually feel a bit better, a bit proud of myself and the things I managed to accomplish.

How about y’all? What did you get up to last week? How many pizzas did you eat? Did you keep it together in a moment of adversity? Is your hair washed? And how many eps of Stranger Things 2 did you watch?

(Turns out that Dreamboat Theroux isn’t the only one with the probing questions….)

xWG // @dazeandweekes // @weekes

21 thoughts on “I Did Some Stuff, I Swear Leave a comment

  1. So:

    Should I or should I not watch “Legally Blonde” post law school? Never ony of my favorites, but I enjoyed it well enough. Afraid critiquing it against the true experience will ruin it for me (and more importantly, for Lauren).

    Stranger Things: we’re intrigued. Apparently you would recommend? We hear good things. Is it more scary, suspenseful, nostalgic, or all of the above?

    Love your pizza pic. Reminds me of Lauren on a typical Friday night. We would eat pizza for lunch on Saturday if we ever had any left.

    Is the Song Writing pic what I think it is? It looks so familiar, but I can’t remember that moment and there is no visual confirmation! Obviously, if it is not what I think it is, that foregoing sentence won’t make much sense.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmmm… while as a non-law student I can attest to Legally Blonde’s staying power, for Lauren’s sake maybe don’t revisit it???

      But you guys HAVE to watch Stranger Things!!!!!!!! I think you will love it. I’d say it’s more suspenseful than scary (with some scary moments but in a non-horror way)… but also incredibly touching, funny, charming, nostalgic…. wonderful acting and music. Reminds me of us as kiddos. And recognisably filmed in Georgia!

      Haha oh be under no misconceptions … I finished Friday’s pizza and entirely new pizzas were ordered on Saturday!

      Hahaha I put that Guffman pic in just for you! I think it’s in the DQ parking lot…

      Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxx


  2. My son had the exact same reaction to Stranger Things 2. He was so excited to watch it and when I asked him how it was he said, “Eh. It was good. Not as good as season 1, but it was good.” I’ve still yet to watch any season of it. I need to get on that.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. But maybe the Bob Dylan/Frog sound is the next big thing. You’re totally going to miss out if you continue to let those bastard little white blood cells kick the flu viruses out of you. Don’t stand for it (no really, don’t stand when you’re sick, you could collapse) and go lick a public handrail or something to get that voice back! And then go breathe on that 85-flushes-a-night neighbor…sounds like he’s already doing poorly so it wouldn’t take much to, um, send him off for a Victorian photo shoot, shall we say. ;))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha you’re so right… I’d probably rocket to fame with my new sound. Luckily, it shouldn’t be too difficult to maintain my illness back on the mean streets and enjoying south London public transport. HAHA I KNOW – what is he constantly flushing and washing?! The retching/coughing and spitting sounds that he makes in the morning (I have to sit and do my makeup directly under his bathroom in a room where I can hear everything following a ceiling COLLAPSE and crappy repair job) are kind of concerning. I better make sure that death photographer is on call……

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  4. Oh my word, you did all this stuff WHILE ILL? I just about managed to work my way through a similar to do list, and I’m healthy! So, yes to Stranger Things 2 (although Boyfriend and I are rationing ourselves on this one and we’re not done with it yet), yes to multiple pizzas (had to get one yesterday for Hallowe’en, despite my good intentions to eat pumpkin), yes to hairwashing, and a big yes to keeping it together (no BBC in Ireland, so I’m well used to having to go without UC). Go me! I did not, however, write a song, because I ALWAYS sound like a frog when I sing. 😆 I can’t believe the album launch is so close, by the way… Exciting!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhh well done rationing ST2! I do not have that self control. And I’m jealous of your Halloween pizza! Speaking of self control, I was good last night and had a healthy salad…. followed by cheese, oatcakes, crisps, and a bottle of wine — oops! Felt excellent when I got up today at 6am! You might not have written a song last week, but I bet you made a bunch of amazing Beasties. And congrats on keeping it together… it’s not easy. Eeeekkk, I know – I still need to finish up a few songs – augh! Luckily, I think I’ll be the only person who notices if the album doesn’t materialise on the 8th, so no pressure hahaha


      • Ooooh, I like being congratulated for simply keeping things together! Well done to you, too! 🍻 Today I have great intentions of eating healthily, so I might have some rocket leaves alongside the peanut butter sandwich and instant soup which will probably constitute lunch…
        Oh, and I will totally notice if there’s no shiny album waiting for me on the 8th. It’s going to be my treat for surviving the buildup to the biggest market of the year, which starts that day!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahaha mmmm delicious life-giving rocket. Ekkkk that must be so intense having to create enough ‘stock’ for the markets whilst simultaneously working on commissions! Plus each Beastie is so unique and requires individual care and creative brainpower… Don’t know how you do it, but I believe in you 🙂


      • It is a bit… Which is why I am seriously KICKING myself for not making good on my new year’s resolution to get all my market stock sorted out in the first quarter of the year. What was I DOING?! Thanks for your cheerleading though… Between that and occasional doses of rocket, I might make it to Christmas in one piece! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Like the new single/album preview. Linked to it on my blog today.

    As to Dylan’s frog, alas most days sick or well, I sound like bagpipe with a punctured bladder being played behind one’s back.

    Like some others here, our household is doing one Stranger Things 2 episode a night, but this season we’re letting the soon-to-be teenager son watch.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the link! Great post! I don’t know how you can ration just one episode per night–impressive self control. I hope your son is enjoying it/getting a glimpse into the good ol’ days of the 80s.


  6. Oh, we love fact checking the small 80s things in Stranger Things for him. “Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup didn’t have a squeeze top back then! The bottles where glass, not plastic!” Just two more episodes to go here.

    So far, the Stranger Things 2 music soundtrack is a bit of a fall off from the first series. No Peter Gabriel, Clash or Jefferson Airplane choices that I can’t forget, though the choices for that Firebird’s tape deck are perfect for the driver’s character.

    Last winter I put a bit of the text from a David Harbour award-acceptance speech for the first series of Stranger Things and performed it with my band.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s funny – I noticed the syrup too! Agreed about the soundtrack–except the original score is still killin’ it. I’m looking into going and seeing a live performance of it in the spring. I love that you put that speech to music! Sounds great.


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