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Phebe the Proud

Phewffff I have so much to catch you up on! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut for now, another quick monologue will have to do.

Last week was very As You Like It centric (perhaps more on that later), so I thought it would be fitting to close the week with Phebe, the proud shepherdess. Normally, Phebe spends her days being followed around the forest of Arden by Silvius who, like a puppy, dotes on her. Phebe finds Silvius’s love to be most irritating and takes some pleasure in repeatedly rejecting him. On this particular day, Phebe meets Rosalind disguised as the youth Ganymede and, to Silvius’s dismay, falls in love at first sight. This is only natural since Ganymede is a huge asshole and treats her appallingly.

In this speech, Phebe tries to convince Silvius (and herself) that she is not in love with Ganymede despite being able to obsessively describe the minutia of ‘his’ being.

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 23.09.19

Okay, I’m offskie to try and make the most of this bank holiday Monday… including roping B into reading lines for another self tape audition I’ve got to submit heh heh heh!

I hope you all had happy and productive weekends?


11 thoughts on “Phebe the Proud Leave a comment

  1. You bring me great joy, dear unknown actor from across the sea, who speak not a bastard’s English like me, but a sweet and fair eloquence that flows ever so naturally.
    I attended a reading of As You Like It some months ago and it was a lot of fun but if you were there doing Phebe it would of been a real blast. I immensely enjoyed your recitation in the video above. Thank you for putting yourself out there. Now and again I go through massive amounts of YouTube videos in hopes of hearing someone do justice to a poem; its a rare gem to find one that truly resonates with me, so thank you for sharing your amazing beauty.

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    • Ha, you rhyme almost as prettily as Orlando! Thank you so much for your kind comment – you made my day! It’s always nice to hear that something you’ve put out there has touched someone. Otherwise, what’s it all for?

      Nice to meet you, Jason, and thank you again for watching and taking the time to share your thoughts x

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  2. I do love your summaries of Shakespeare plays and characters…I can see a series of snarky Shakespeare guides in your near future. Title options: Snarky Shakespeare Summaries, What the Sh!t, Shakespeare?, Your Guide to Shakespeare’s Assholes. Great monologue, yet again, by the way.

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    • Heh heh thanks! Every time I go to summarise one of them, I realise just how convoluted a plot can seem when attempting to boil it down. Haha I’ll definitely be coming to you for all my titling needs. Thanks for watching!

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  3. Expressively excellent! (and thank you for the summaries, which always help). And what a classic move for Ms. Phebe to ask Silvius to *bear* the ‘taunting letter’! (the last line is perfectly delivered). Bravo, Weekes. 🙂

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  4. A standing ovation for this one, Weekes! You really bring the Bard to life. I also second Tammie’s idea for snarky Shakespeare guides – if I’d had one of those for the “Scottish Play” when I was in school, I would have been unstoppable! 😀 Hope you enjoyed the long weekend… Now I’m off to write a couple of taunting letters. Phebe has really sold me on the idea!

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    • Hahahaha can’t beat a good taunting letter! Thank you for watching. Speaking of the Scottish Play, I recorded a Lady M over the long weekend that should be hitting the YouTube airways soonish… and hopefully someone will watch it since the casting director I sent it to did not bother!!! 🙂


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