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Ælfthryth and the Rubbish King

(In which I keep my solemn promise to [drink wine and] feed back interesting bits from David Crowther’s ‘The History of England’ podcast.)


Omg guys, check out real life Cersei Lannister from the 10th Century named Ælfthryth (futurebabynameIcallit)!!! Renowned beauty and total badass, she wed and bed a pair of brothers—the second one being King Edgar the Peaceful. Although Ælfthryth had a son with Edgar—Æthelred—it was her stepson, Edward the Martyr (not to give anything away!), who inherited the throne upon Edgar’s death. Newly crowned, Edward paid an ill-advised visit to stepmummy Ælfthryth’s castle where he swiftly met his demise. Rumour has it that stepmummy’s henchman stabbed Edward to death whilst Ælfthryth was distracting him by offering him a drink! Ælfthryth then placed her son Æthelred on the throne and ruled in his stead until he came of age. As it turns out, Æthelred was a completely rubbbbbbbbish king and was called ‘Æthelred the Unready’—whoops! But, I mean, whatever, look at his sword!


I’ve been plowing through some of the more obscure Thomas Hardy novels lately, and this particularly lovely Weekes Word comes from A Pair of Blue Eyes (1872):

Penetralia: from the Latin penetralia (innermost things) and coming to mean a secret or hidden place by the mid 17th century. Ex: In the penetralia of her heart, Weekes  the Unwilling harboured a covetous desire to try on Æthelred the Unready’s ridiculous hat-crown-pot.

So I say, kitty cats, raise a glass to Monday and drink up–unless Ælfthryth is offering the vino!!

xWG // #dazeandweekes

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  1. Correction : AElfryth I mean. Sorry about spelling of this common name! Hey, I don’t have one of those AE combo keys!!! Definitely need one!

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  2. Very nice… though idk if one could honestly work “penetralia” into a sentence without sounding like a total creeper…

    & “penetralium” is the singular, I guess?


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