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80s/Redneck Bangs to Stage a Stylish Comeback. Maybe? Please?

It has misty rained every single day in London since I decided to cut bangs. Every. Single. Freaking. Day. I usually profess to loving the gloomy, depressing English weather, but after three months of assiduously attempting to shield my bangs from moisture only to be inevitably spat on with rain at some unexpected moment in the day… I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.

No matter how sleek and amazinggggg my hair looks when I leave the house, I show up to work looking like this:

80s Bangs

Do you remember The Torkelsons from the Disney Channel*? Silly me, I used to mock their hair as a kid… and now slap me in a Laura Ashley dress and give me a double name and that’s me! Welcome to the family!

Cool Girl

The Torkelsons, minus Mary Sue Weekes Torkelson

What do I do!? Maybe I should just go all Lydia Deetz and glue them down on my forehead?


*Check out a super young Ben Affleck (at 1:30 into the clip) on The Torkelsons reciting one of my favourite Lord Byron poems ooommmmgeeeeeee.

I found this post’s fabulous Weekes Word buried deep in an old archival box written in a report by a social worker in the 1970s. It’s sort of a British synonym for rambunctious.

Rumbustious: from the late 18th century, probably an alteration of the archaic ‘robustious’ and meaning boisterous or unruly. Ex: Weekes’s bangs had a rumbustious life of their own, giving her the anachronistic appearance of  someone on the way to the mall to participate in a Glamour Shots photo session.

Try to keep dry out there until next time, my frizzy-haired princesses!

xWG // #dazeandweekes

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