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Jane & Edward


Meet Jane Eyre (a sweet angel sent down from heaven to grace us mere mortals with her presence) and her brother Edward Fairfax Rochester (a tyrannical pig dressed in a cat suit).

Like her namesake, Jane is little (constantly underfoot) yet fiery and passionate, bestowing loving adoration (lap magnet) upon all who treat her kindly. It’s true, she has a mildly painful (B has gashes up and down his back) obsession with jumping onto human shoulders–but it’s only because she wants to be close to your face and maximise affection! She would also like to get inside your mouth, please, if you are eating a mint, olive, or cube of cheese. All adorable antics!

Then there’s the ginger monster, Edward.


His resemblance to Henry VIII extends far beyond their shared physical attributes. Edward spends the majority of his day either feasting or complaining about not feasting. He requires constant attention and is fickle in his affections (off with her head!). He often gets lost in our one bedroom flat and sits in the middle of the hallway wailing until I come and pick him up (‘Where aaaaaaaaare you, Cromwell, I need heeeeeeelp! Waaaaah I’m a big gouty ginger baby!). He terrorises everything in his path, his chief loves being books and wires. Despite recently causing a power surge that resulted in permanently frazzled whiskers, he still munches away at every expensive Macbook cord he can get his paws on. Charming.

 Here’s a series of photos I like to call ‘Long Suffering Jane’:

FullSizeRender IMG_1281 IMG_1280

But sometimes, just sometimes Jane gets the last word.


This Weekes Word is apparently archaic but I think it’s great, so let’s bring it back!

Celerity: from the Latin celer (swift) and Old French celerite, arriving at ‘celerity’ in the late 15th century and meaning swiftness of motion. Ex: The only time that Edward exhibits any kind of celerity whatsoever is when he hears the sound of his food bowls tinkling in the kitchen.

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  1. A hundred chuckles reading this! Have you forgotten Edward’s near death experience just a short while ago? No worries, I am sure when his time comes, it will be a dramatic suicide to leave you feeling guilty!

    Great blog!

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