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Thanksgiving: Hail to the Radiohead

Despite being a whinging, negative, and sarcastic misanthrope, there are a number of things for which I am thankful. I’m mostly thankful for B (human man) and Jane (feline) and Edward (piglet) and England (home of Shakespeare) and you (people kind enough to read my humble words).

But I am also really thankful for Radiohead (best band in world).

Sometimes I go a couple of (empty and hopeless) weeks without listening to these greatest of musicians, and every time I come back from a brief Radiohead hiatus I think, ‘Why do I bother listening to anything else?’

I’m currently finishing the vocals on my *brand new* cover of ‘Pyramid Song’ from Amnesiac, but before that goes up on the YouTube channel, won’t you please check out some of my previous Radiohead covers? Few things make me happier than lending my voice to their incredible music.

I’m in England working at my desk all day, so no tofurkey for me this year… but I hope my dose of Radiohead will help those of you looking to escape the bustle and relive your adolescence this Thanksgiving.

I also adopted a turkey from Farm Sanctuary on behalf of my nieces this year. I highly recommend it — it’s a fun and easy alternative to eating the bird! Of course, I picked the lovely Perdita with her Shakespearean name.  You can have your choice of another noble gobbler here.

Lovely Perdita

Happy Thanksgiving, turkeys!

xWG // #dazeandweekes

This Weekes Word — I can’t remember if I read it recently in Hardy or Gissing — but it sparked my interest (pun intended).

Immolate: from the Latin immolare (immolat: sprinkled with sacrificial meal) and in the mid-16th century coming to mean kill or offer as a sacrifice, especially by burning. Ex: Before lovely Perdita could be immolated on the Thanksgiving pyre, Weekes swooped in and rescued her.

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