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Meet Sinéad

I am super pleased this week to introduce you to the newest addition to our household:

Sinéad  O’Cattery

Sinéad is a Beastie from Dublin, bestowed life and purpose by the one and only Helen of the Beastie Towers, the First of Her Name, The Unpricked, Queen of the Beasties, the Edamame and the First Mittens, Khaleesi of the Great Yarn Sea, Protector of the Wool, Lady Regnant of the Christmas Markets, Breaker of Change and Mother of all Beasties.

Jane posing for one of her many fashion photo shoots, image by Benedict

Upon hearing of Jane the Cat’s renowned beauty and grace, Sinéad (Irish for ‘Jane’, as luck would have it) asked to come and live with us in London. You see, Sinéad majored in Cat-Beastie Relations at university, and she is OBSESSED with cats. Like, more obsessed with cats than I am.

Jane doing her best Beastie impression on the yoga mat.

For those of you who don’t know, Cat-Beastie relations have historically been pretty fraught. Whilst some cats merely ignore the presence of a mischievous Beastie, others have been known to violently lash out. These unpredictable acts of violence endanger the lives of less-savvy Beasties who are just trying to be friendly–and therefore the cat community has been painted in a pretty negative light by some Beasties hoping to perpetuate a climate of fear between the two species.

Image from the famous ‘No Cats in America’ anti-cat rally

Luckily, there are Beasties like Sinéad who consider themselves advocates and activists for the improvement of these Cat-Beastie relations. Sinéad believes that cats are kind and misunderstood creatures, and she thinks the more she learns about them and their ways, the better she will be able to build the bridge between the two worlds. Where better to take up her cause than the home of Jane and Edward?


Pfffffttt well, I can think of a few safer places!

When Sinéad first contacted me, I shared my reservations with her about applying to Edward’s ‘better nature’. Like, I told her I was pretty sure Edward didn’t have a better nature, and that I was positive he would love to eat her. I explained that Edward is not one to curb his wanton desires or show any abstention from behaviour that might be deemed indecent by civilised people.


Despite my protestations, Sinéad remained convinced that she would do Edward some good and insisted on making the flight across the Irish Sea. I found that I was unable to refute her claim that Jane is divine creature sent down from heaven above or her argument that it’s worth risking Edward’s voracious appetite just to be in the same room with his perfect sister.

Who? Me?

After consulting with B about whether or not we could accommodate a fifth family member, I phoned Sinéad back with a tentative yes. She must have grabbed her passport and raced to the airport as fast as her stubby short less-long-than-average legs could go… because she was here in no time!


To my surprise, Sinéad showed up at my door wearing a Beastie-sized version of my CATS (the musical!) hoodie. Since I am pictured wearing this hoodie every day, Sinéad mistook it for some kind of cat advocate uniform. I have not yet disabused her of this notion.


Everyone was very eager to say hello. Whilst Sinéad was delighted with the enthusiastic feline reception, I felt extremely nervous and quickly made excuses for why I felt she had better ‘rest’ for awhile in a coffin-esque drawer.

‘Aughghhg get out of there! Don’t wake the monsters!!!’ ‘But I think they love me…’

Sinéad also brought along a special edition vinyl copy of my new album, Pocket Bible. (Which is now available for streaming and downloading, y’all!!!!!) I was super chuffed that someone as cool as she is shows interest in my music, and B was glad to have another record to add to the collection. (I think this might work out!)

Photo (and incredible felting and embroidery!!!) by Helen
Beastie-sized Vinyl
Look at the little vinyl that comes out of the case!!!!

Although Sinéad denies that her hip shaved head look has anything to do with Sinéad O’Connor, I can’t help but think there must be a connection. Every time I see her, I have to contain the urge to sing, ‘NoTHING compares TO YOU!’… I hope this impulse will subside with time.

Another profesh photo by Helen
Should I shave my head too? I’m feeling kind of tempted….

I must admit, everything about Sinéad is pretty damn cool, from her piercings and makeup down to her little stripey legs. I’m looking forward to sharing some of our future adventures together with you! First up/next up, a weekend away in Somerset with a couple of history bits…


And if you enjoyed this Beastie update and want to read about other Beastie adventures, I’ll urge you again to sign up for the BeastieBlog. There’s also a Beastie scamp named Finn who makes hilarious mischief every Saturday over on Tammie’s blog.


Now, the album! Then I promise I’ll shut up for a little while!

Pocket Bible Album Cover

Here are some places you can find it:


Apple Music


Amazon UK

Amazon US

Google Play

Or drop me a line about ordering a physical CD!


13 thoughts on “Meet Sinéad Leave a comment

  1. This is the most adorable post I’ve seen in, hmmm, let’s see…FOREVER! Although Finn has been a strong proponent of Cat-Beastie relations from the shore of Hawaii (where negotiations broke down) to Italy (where La Vita Dolce ruled the day), he doesn’t have anywhere near Sinead’s qualifications…probably because he refuses to read anything other than Spin-agin’s Wake. I’m glad to see peace talks going so well (although that anti-cat rally reminds me of my lab days). And I never knew Helen’s title was so grandiose! I really ought to pay her more respect before she mounts a flying Beastie to launch a wooly attack on my house.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahaha…. well I have a feeling Sinéad is going to get pretty sick of listening to Pocket Bible on repeat for the rest of her life. And yes, you must bend the knee or else! Sinéad is a BIG fan of Finn’s work–every little bit helps to bridge the divide!


  2. Aw, nothing compares to Sinéad, the Beastie. 🙂 I admire her courage and sense of diplomatic mission, and wish her much success in the improvement of cat-Beastie relations in the time to come (and safety, too – glad to hear that she has a secure drawer-refuge to return to, just in case). I am just now noticing her piercings – adorable design!

    Pocket Bible is on loop as my crafting music this week. 🙂 I’m really enjoying the synths, beats and beautiful vocal layers. Congratulations on a gorgeous album, Weekes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha Sinéad thanks you for your well-wishes! Her drawer-refuge is padded with my PJs, so I’m hoping she’s plenty comfortable in there. Aren’t the piercings the cutest??? I just love her.

      Thank you so much–that is so kind!! I really appreciate the listen and your encouraging words. You’ve made my day! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Gaaaaah, I’m showing up late again! Sorry about that… But WOW am I glad to see how well Sinéad’s campaign to sweeten Beastie-kitty relations is going! She seems to be settling in so nicely – plus I bet she’s blushing a delicate shade of royal blue after all this attention she’s been getting on your blog! I can’t wait to see what you girls get up to in the new year. Also, I’ve been taking a leaf out of Sinéad’s book and keeping “Pocket Bible” on the stereo… Like Shirley says up there, it makes for a perfect crafting soundtrack! Thanks for the shout out! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha I know! I’ve noticed she’s been spending a little extra time at the mirror making sure her eyeliner wings are straight in case she should need to be photographed on the fly. She feels especially honoured to be featured on your Instagram–great publicity for her cause!

      Awwwww you guys are the best! I’d love to become the soundtrack of the crafting community! I guess I better scrap my plans for my death metal second album….


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