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I’ll Be Home for Christmas

As it is in the song, so too here this post title is a lie!

I will be missing my family and friends overseas this Christmas. As an extended holiday greeting to all of you, I’ve recorded this little Christmas song with my collaborator Jeff via postal service. (Click on image below for holiday magic.)

I'll Be Home for Christmas

I hope you all have wonderful, restful holidays and return refreshed and ready to give 2019 everything you’ve got! I know I’ve been MIA lately, but I will endeavour to start writing again in the New Year. I miss you!!!!


P.S. Keep an eye out for Jeff’s hiiiiiiilarious new podcast, Forgotten Heroes, set to fully launch in 2019! So far they have released a couple of holiday editions that have had me in stitches (and are informative too!).

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  1. Really pretty Little One. As always you will be in my heart this Christmas. I love you. Dad

    Sent from my IPhone R. Phillip Shinall, III



  2. Daaaammmmnnnn Girl! You have the most amazing vocals! My holiday won’t be very restful (I think I’ve scheduled in a few hours off on Christmas morning), but I hope yours is well even if you have to suffer through it in London (sorry, not feeling your pain on that one : )). Ooh, and thanks for the new podcast tip. I’m getting a little sick of listening to book marketing advice podcasts.


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