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As I Like It

Good grief, how hard is it to write a simple update for your readers, huh? Apparently reallllllly difficult since it appears we have not chatted since last December.

Have you missed me? Can you forgive me?

Anyway, I’ve not been sitting here twiddling my thumbs–I promise. I’ve actually been out in the world doing stuff! So let me fill you in…

I am currently rehearsing for two different shows. And, insanely, one is Tennessee Williams and the other is Shakespeare!!!! Like, are you joking, world? How has this amazing thing come to pass where I am working on my two favourite playwrights AT THE SAME TIME!?!?!?! When I compare this situation to where I was this time last year, I am absolutely astounded.

First up is Orpheus Descending in May. As to be expected with Williams, it’s a beautifully written, tragic, and hugely symbolic play. Into this heady mix, my character adds a bit of antagonistic comic relief. If you’re in the area and would like to see me play the horrible, gossipy piece of work that is Beulah Binnings, come on down to the Stockwell Playhouse 15-18 May! Added bonus: my lovely friend and actress extraordinaire Sophie Tergeist (who I met through Romiette) is also in the show!

Click poster below to link to ticket information:

Orpheus Poster

Then June will be all about….. YAOW Theatre’s open-air production of As You Like It! This one is happening in a beautiful outdoor location in Windsor (ya know, the residence of the Royal Family, no big deal), and I am playing the melancholy Jaques. He’s the character that gives the famous ‘all the world’s a stage’ speech–and has a personality not unlike the one I express on this blog–ha! He’s a bit of a Debbie Downer and spends the play skirting the action and making pithy and snide observations about other characters. He tends to get a bad rap, but I must admit I quite like him and kinda agree with most of what he says!!

As You Like It will be going up 26-29 June and, again, you can click below to access tickets:


Now, to liven up this strictly promotional and therefore somewhat dull post, I will share some wonderful photos by Christina Russo of me making ridiculous expressions in readings of Coriolanus and The Winter’s Tale earlier this year. Please enjoy and feel free to laugh at the absurd thing that is my face.


I hope y’all are all doing well–please let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments!

Much peace and love, as always.


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    • Awww thank you, Tammie! Haha do not hate me–success in this industry is a never ending rollercoaster, and after June I probably won’t be cast in anything for another 6 months!! I hope you’re zipping down your dream road as well!!!!!!

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  1. I was just thinking about how I had not read any of your witticisms lately. Then, lo and behold, a new Daze & Weekes post appears in my feed… I am so happy to hear that all is going well for your professionally. BTW, I love those facial expressions in your photo collage… very expressive!

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  2. Yippee hooraaaaay! She’s back! And with such good news, too… How awesome that you get to be in plays by two of your favourite playwrights back-to-back! And I loved the pics from your previous shows – you’re totally rocking it. So, break a leg for those upcoming shows, and maybe make some space for the big-shot directors to start queuing outside your front door. Also loving the website facelift by the way!

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    • Yaaaaaay, thank you! Ohhh and thanks for noticing my website tweaks as well…. I thought it needed a little sprucing with some new pics and logo! Thanks so much for stopping by despite me being the worstttttt blog buddy!!! 🙂


  3. I see your post and Huzzah! Absences of the distant are odd things, one can notice and not, as after all the distant are always not there. Still, I have noticed the lack of your posts this year and figured you’d moved on to wherever you’d turned. So it was nice to see that where you turned was where you were aiming and there’s some part of the target with your dart in it.

    I’ve just finished a hectic month, attempting to post almost daily for U. S. National Poetry Month, which for me means that I was composing and recording parts constantly, taking breaks to read things surrounding the authors of the words I’d used, and then trying to write something about encountering the texts worn out and often around midnight after a full day of musical work. Still some of it turned out well enough I think.


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