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The Melancholy Jaques

Oh man oh man do I have the post-show blues! May and June (and a bit of April and July) were absolutely insane, and I am struggling a little to come back from it all.

But the marathon that was As You Like It has earned a brief post, hasn’t it?! And what better way to eradicate the post-show blues than with a character who lives for the blues and is given the moniker of ‘melancholy’?!

Jaques, ‘As You Like It’, 2019

Ahhh I loved being Jaques. I found him to be a character full of contradictions… in a delicious way. He sort of floats through the play taking what he can from everyone he encounters.

Jaques, ‘As You Like It’, 2019

He’s usually feigning some kind of disdain or scorn for those he meets, but I think he really just wants to connect. He claims to be miserable but clearly loves to be heard. I can relate!

Touchstone & Jaques, ‘As You Like It’, 2019

The location for the production was stunning, but travel to Windsor and weather conditions when rehearsing and performing outside proved to be quite harrowing at times. (For example, all the trains out of London were cancelled on the afternoon of the Saturday performance, and I had to jump into a black cab at Waterloo dramatically declaring, ‘Step on it! I’m an actor!’….and ended up arriving mere minutes before the last show started!!!) Luckily, I met some super awesome fellow actors along the way, and we managed to make a merry time of it.

AYLI Rehearsal
A soggy rehearsal!


Missing these clowns and feeling rather melancholy myself yesterday, I decided to push through it by getting dressed and filming Jaques’s famous ‘All the world’s a stage’ speech. I admit, it was rather difficult to scale back my performance from an open-air audience to… a camera in my sitting room. It was also much less fun without other actors to play off of but, ah well, I did my best (sort of, haha). You can check it out on YouTube below!

Jaques YouTube

Since the Orpheus Descending slideshow didn’t seem to work for everyone last time, I’ve included a new GALLERY page to the website where you can check out all the production photos from my past few months! I understand that no one is dying to see more photos of me than they are already forced to on social media, and this is probably only of interest to my mother but… the option is there should you wish to take a peek!

Alrighty, I’ve got a mountain of blog posts to catch up on so I’d better jet. But I’ve missed you and I love you and thank you always for your support!

Peace and love,


Production photos by Alan Bostock.

More information about the production and photos came be found at

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  1. I can see why the melancholy bug has bitten. You look like you’re having so much fun in those photos (even in the rain). Cracking up at the image of you telling a cabbie, “Step on it. I’m an actor!!”? :)))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha the cabbie was so good! The conversation actually started with me shouting in the window, ‘CAN YOU GO ALL THE WAY TO WINDSOR?!’ Then he really did step on it and got me there in record time! Ahhh good times/that was a scary nightmare. Thank you for catching up, Tammie! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Makes you wonder if that cabbie has his own blog and is right now typing about some crazy actor lady, but how great it was because he got to drive like he was in an action movie.


  2. Yikes, has it really been so long since I last swung by?! I hope the post-performance clouds have cleared and you’re getting to enjoy a bit of the summer. Oh, and that you haven’t had to use your acting credentials to commandeer any vehicles lately 😂 Loved the video & gallery pics too!


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