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May Daze

God ye good even, gentle blog-readers!

Well, it’s mid-June (what?!), and we are again overdue an update.

May was pretty much a total blur, but I think it mostly consisted of rehearsing Orpheus Descending and As You Like It… with some auditions and shifts at the pub thrown in.

Orpheus Descending came and went in what feels like a flash and was mostly good fun! Certainly, Beulah Binnings is not a very nice character and I was meaning to write a post addressing playing antagonistic roles–but I simply do not have the time. The short answer is that most villains are unwittingly so (indeed, they are the heroes of their own stories!) so an actor must find what is good, likeable, or at least human even in the most unsavoury of characters. I hope I did so.

Now, like a lazy bum with no words, I’ve made a slideshow of some of the beautiful production photos and, with that, will call it lights out on Orpheus. All photos were taken and graciously shared by the talented Laima Arlauskaite.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Meanwhile, rehearsals for As You Like It have been coming apace, as Touchstone might say, and we are nearly set to open at the end of this month! The rehearsal process for this one has been very spread out, so I feel like I’ve been working on this show forever… it’s going to be a shock to the system when it’s finally done and dusted! There are still tickets available if anyone in the area is inclined to take in some Shakespeare in the open-air (link to ticket via image). Incentive: I may or may not be seen flitting about in hose and a plumed hat, tooting some notes on a recorder.

As You Like It Headshot Flyer

And finally, at the end of May I started rehearsing another show! Some of you may remember me telling you about participating in a rehearsed reading for a new play called Spitfire Sisters last September? Well, this fantastic play is now going into full production and, bless my stars, I will be playing Cornelia Wood again 2 – 6 July! You can catch up with the fascinating historical context of the show on my old post here. We have a tremendous female ensemble, and I am really looking forward to bringing the stories of these brave women to life. Click the flyer below for early bird discounted tickets before 18 June!

Spitfire Flyer

Okay, I think that’s enough self promotion for one day, good lordy! I do apologise. But don’t worry, come mid-July I’ll be twiddling my thumbs again (yeah right, more like the all-consuming scramble to procure auditions and tearing one’s hair out over never being cast again), and I can write you some old school funny posts!!!!!!!!

And how are your summers going so far?

Much peace and love,


PS I have done another little makeover of the website, should you care to take a poke around! I’ve included photography credits on the ‘About’ page.


9 thoughts on “May Daze Leave a comment

  1. “I may or may not be seen flitting about in hose and a plumed hat, tooting some notes on a recorder.” That’s almost enough to send over to British Airways to book my plane ticket to London!

    I’m so excited for the Spitfire show (during which I think maybe you should somehow wrk in a little dance with a recorder…it could be your “thing”). I remember when you first blogged about it and it’s super nifty that it’s getting more attention….and that you’re getting to be a part of it :))

    Bah! And WTF? Why won’t the slide show work for me?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, I’m late, but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to see you! And what an incredible time you’ve been having! I loved the photos from “Orpheus Descending”… Your character may not have been a shining beacon of human goodness, but she sure got the pick of the wardrobe department! Break a leg for your upcoming shows – and see if you can convince any of them to add an Irish show or two to the calendar 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha I know… I really lucked out with the costumes for that one! Which is fortunate because I tend to be a bit of a diva if I don’t like what I’m wearing, haha. Oh man, how I wish we could take Spitfire on the road and come to Dublin! Well, a girl can dream….

      Looking forward to seeing what all you’ve been up to! xxx


      • Well, you didn’t know Spitfire was going to get a production when you first read it, so don’t write the international tour off just yet! Hope you’re finally getting a chance to enjoy some downtime! 😊


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