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Mid-Month Midsummer Update

Gentle Readers, just a little mid-month update to share some exciting news and build anticipation for the launch of my next literary collection!

This weekend I’m celebrating my first consignment/wholesale arrangement, having dropped off a small bundle of Winter-Maker pieces at a local shop. Naturalist Chris Baker recently opened a gorgeous brick and mortar in the historic Rondout area of Kingston. Her adorable shop, Chicory Naturalist, is host to beautiful nature inspired gifts and books for children of all ages. I am so honoured to have jewelry items on display there, along with some of my block printed bandanas.

(Speaking of block printed bandanas…. I’ve just done a restock online for those who are not local! These cute lil adornments are great for humans and pets alike!)

My second bit of news is to announce that I will be dropping my third literary-inspired collection of jewelry and bookmarks on June 24.

June 24, you say? Midsummer Night?

That’s right! This collection is A Midsummer Night’s Dream themed!

Last year, I released Alice in Wonderland and The Hobbit collections. They were both such fun to dream up and work on–a nice juxtaposition of embroidery art and my love of literature. I do hope the Midsummer pieces will be as warmly received.

Peace & Love,


P.S. Here I am playing Hermia c. 1998 … can you spot young Ali??

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  1. Oh yay, Winter Maker is being stocked in a shop! Congratulations! 🎉 The store looks lovely too – dammit, I wish I was local. Super looking forward to the new collection, I hope you’re having fun putting the pieces together 😊


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