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On June & Happiness

Hello June! I guess that means it’s summer (sob).

June’s flower is the rose. Roses symbolise devotion and love–and a pink rose symbolises happiness. I guess I grew up maybe thinking that roses are overplayed, but now I’ve accepted that they’re really beautiful and that happiness is probably a good thing. I also love their scent.

Coincidentally, I chose a pink rose theme for my first embroidered journal project that I finished off last month. For this piece, I hand-embroidered my design and then set it in a beautiful wooden bird which I fixed to the front of the journal. I also added delicately painted rose details to the front cover and the front and back inside covers. I’m so pleased this piece already found a new home, and I’ll definitely be adding more unique journals to my Etsy in the coming months.

Ardent followers (lollll) will also recall that I had announced two market dates for May! How did they go you ask??? Well, sure enough, as predicted, there were thunderstorms forecast for my first May date. When blue skies were still looking unlikely on the morning of the market, I pulled out. And you know what? It was a great decision!! That afternoon, it rained and thundered and lightening and I watched it all from the dry confines of my bedroom.

The second May market was “beautiful” (aka sunny and hot) weather. Hurray, the curse is lifted! Alas, the location was not prime and the customers nonexistent. After sitting for 8 hours in a used car lot subjecting my body of work to the elements, I decided that maybe the market scene just isn’t for me. I decided that maaaaaybe I’ll give myself a little break and wait for the holidays to jump back in. Because, ya know, happiness is probably a good thing.

So, what’s next if I’m shirking this market season? I’ve got a possible consignment opportunity on the horizon that I’m excited to hopefully share with you soon… and in the meantime, I suppose I will just continue to make if it continues to make me happy.

Etsy shop is always up and running for all your last minute gift needs–use promo code JUNEJOY to receive 10% off thru the end of the month!

Peace and love,


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