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July Shop Update

Can’t believe we’re over halfway through July! How are you holding up in these temps?!

Going through my photos for this post, I realised how many cool new products types I’ve worked on so far this month. It’s making me really excited to have more options to offer for the upcoming cooler months and gift-giving season.

Jeff gave me the brilliant idea of bolo ties! It’s such a great unisex option to dress up a top. I’m looking forward to making more of these. I’m open to design ideas in the comments!

Egret Bolo Tie

Another favourite bird from this month is this barn owl in her own lil barn. I have one more barn pendant and am torn — should I make a second owl or something different? Again, looking forward to offering more chokers in the shop.

I love the elegant shape of this pendant. Should I order more of these settings? This piece is still available!

Stud earrings!!! These are such a cute option, and I’ve been loving wearing a mushroom prototype pair around town (okay, really just to work, the one place I go). Definitely going to make more, but in the meantime these little bees are listed and I still have some dangle options available in the shop (some at 50% off!).

My crowning achievement, though, must be this Emperor moth mirror! I really hope this piece goes to a good home soon — it would look so lovely as a decorative item on a dresser.

I’ll leave you with this little firefly pendant (still available!)… I think the last super summery design of the season. He’s even got some flecks of metallic gold thread in his tail!

Peace and love and cooler climes ahead.


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    • Awww thank you, Helen!! It’s easy to lose sight of your accomplishments while you’re just chipping away day by day… nice to feel I’ve done something this month besides waitressing 🙂 Thank you for always stopping by!

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