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August Shop Update

Howdy! We’re halfway through August, and that means that I’ve nearly survived the summer!!!

I’ve had another creatively productive month since last we spoke. I’m trying to stop worrying about sales being slow and just work towards building my inventory with beautiful new pieces. I just stocked up on new settings for the spooky season and the holidays (and my next literary collection–announcement coming soon??). I also have some new cotton and linen fabric options on the way that I’m excited to work with… and some vintage beads! Watch this space.

Speaking of the spooky season, I’ve already started with the spiders this year. I just love the tiny spider earrings and hope someone snatches them up soon!

I also tried another fuzzy bumblebee for a bracelet, and I think it turned out adorably! When you wear it, it looks like a little friend has just landed on your wrist for a visit!

I added another unisex bolo tie to the shop, and I am dismayed no one has taken it home yet… it’s so cute (in my humble opinion lol)!

I’ve been playing around with different alternatives to necklace chains. I bought some thin black satin ribbon for this super autumnal piece that can be worn as a choker or doubled over as pictured.

Then from my maker buddy Liminal Textiles, I purchased some gorgeousssssss flower-dyed recycled silk ribbon. When the sage-y coloured one arrived, I felt inspired to revisit my Luna moth design from last year for a new pendant. Luckily this beauty was snatched up immediately by one of my fave customers. I can’t wait to see how she styles it!

Here’s last year’s and this year’s Lunas side by side, both in sunshine–I can see a refinement in my technique?? But still love them both.

2021 vs 2022

And what would a month be without another red amanita?! At the shop where I have some pieces on consignment, people keep asking if the longer bookmarks are hair pins. I don’t see why they couldn’t be?!

Another little barn owl has also flown into the shop! I absolutely love this little bookmark, and there will be more owls to come even though they are difficult and take a lot out of me, haha.

Lastly, I made a lot of snails this month. Like, a lot. I’m kind of amazed I even fit a pair on some stud earrings!!

The rainy snail pendant was inspired by the miserable drought emergency we’re currently experiencing in Kingston. And I think it’s my star piece of work from this month. Once again, I’m so happy it found a home with a beloved customer.

So, what’s next?

I’m just going to keep making and making and pushing myself to grow in skill/imagination and see what happens. My pieces on consignment have been selling a lot better than in the online shop (as visibility on Insta is so low these days), so it’s something to consider–reaching out to other shops. In the meantime, I’ll just be over here spending all my spare time stitching and making stupid reels!

Which is your favourite treasure from this month?

Sending love and peace–especially if you’ve made it this far in the post!


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